Capturing nature

Lemon Fresh is about lemon and lime juice, pure and simple. We started in 2008 in Kerikeri, New Zealand’s citrus capital, driven by our passion to offer real juice in a market full of concentrate alternatives.

Using as our inspiration the dazzling lemons and limes that grow abundantly in our beautiful orchard, we created Lemon Fresh… an easy-to-use quality product that captures the fruit’s natural freshness and goodness. The idea was simple (the best ones usually are): squeeze the juice of lemons and limes into conveniently-sized packs and add nothing else.

Over the years, although we’ve refined our methods, Lemon Fresh is still about unadulterated 100% squeezed juice in our ‘stay-fresh’ pack, handy for any occasion. And we continue to grow and do what we do best… pure juice!